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உம்முடைய வசனம் என் கால்களுக்குத் தீபமும் என் பாதைக்கு வெளிச்சமுமாயிருக்கிறது.

Tamil Audio Bible

An audio Bible produced by the Tamil Baptist Church, Madurai is placed in the web. This can be used for personal edification and devotion.

Charts, Tables & Articles (Tamil & English)

To understand Bible, the Bible incidents and truths are created in chart & Table forms. Some are in article type. Few are listed under the title Highlights. Read it and send your feedbacks to us.

Tamil Bible (ov)

 Tamil Bible is made available to read in the Bible Land. With the Tamil text Word Search is also made possible.



Screen Saver, Wall Paper, Tamil Fonts & Bible Game!

System Utilities free!

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Daily Devotion

Computerization is inevitable. More over we live in a busy world. If it is too hard to take a devotional book and meditate the word of God, it is made simple and a Devotional thought is given for meditation.  


Daily Bible Reading

 For a regular and continues Bible reading, a special program is designed give the Bible reading of the day. You can finish reading the Bible in a year!

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A Special site for the Bible Teachers,
Pastors & Evangelist.
"Parson's Land"




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Teens Land
To explore the world of teen, a unique site is designed ......

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